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Have you met our new team member?

February 22, 2010

Greetings from the newest resident of City Beach’s “Group Services Secret Lair.”   By way of introduction, my name is Ryan, and I’m a workaholic.  I joined the sales and marketing team at the beginning of February, and of course, it has been trial by fire.  There is always a learning curve in any new endeavor, but fortunately, I was previously employed in a capacity where I was dealing with the CB staff frequently.  That familiarity has made my transition relatively smooth.  The friendly folks at CB have all been amazingly helpful and accommodating, and I am thankful for that!  Most of us have been in the “other” type of new job situation, and that certainly gives one an appreciation for the companies that do it the right way.

 To business!  Deep in the bowels of 4020 Technology Place in Fremont, we are frantically trying to keep pace with the volume of incoming business while ensuring that our current clients all receive what El Jefe calls “The Impeccable Experience.”  That philosophy encapsulates our emphasis on delivering superior customer service from the time an inquiry comes in all the way to the follow-up on surveys that are sent out, post-event.  The Impeccable Experience is our only goal here…but you need to live it to understand all that it entails.  We aren’t a corporate, stuffy event facility.  We aren’t a place that you come because you have to do some team-building.  Google “O’hana” and you will get a bit more insight as to what we strive for every day.  We are a shelter from the storm, a beacon in the night, a cold beer on the beach, etc…you get the idea.

 I look forward to updating this every week and keeping you apprised of the latest and greatest here at City Beach.  We have an open house on March 4 from 5pm-7pm at the Fremont Facility, so if you want to come check out some new menu items (delicious) and team games (fun), then feel free to holler at me at 510-824-0311 or  Have a fabulous week!