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Don’t Be Held Captive

February 8, 2010

Is your company still being held captive by the same old retreats, tired business meetings, and company pep talks.  Listen, we have all been there, sitting in the back of the room wishing the “motivational speaker” would lose their voice while we count the hours until we get to go home.  Then the next day we recap how much “fun” we had at the last event.  We understand all that, we have watched people suffer through horrible events.  Please don’t be held hostage by horrible events, with a floundering motivational speaker.  We believe in an environment that stimulates, excites, and reenergizes staff and our events all them to enjoy that environment and return not only refreshed but more informed about those who work around. Don’t be held hostage ever again…otherwise the ransom you pay may never bring back the excitement you were looking for.