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Find Your Inner Chef

November 17, 2010

I am one hell of a cook…in my dreams.  Seriously, I make a mean omelet, grilled cheese, and tofu stir fry, but aside from those notable leftover midnight concoctions from my bachelor days, I am pretty much incompetent in the kitchen.  In fact, I routinely burn water!

My wife, Kimberly, is an excellent cook.  About 4 years ago (when she was pregnant with our son and had some time on her hands), we became fans of the cooking competition show Top Chef on the Bravo network.  Never mind that we now watch Man vs. Food, Iron Chef, Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, Top Chef Masters, and a few other random programs–Top Chef became our only must-watch program during the week.

Kimberly watches for the incredible creativity and mostly superior technique, and the show’s many wonderful chefs have proved to be excellent muses for her throughout the last 4 years.  Lucky me!  I watch for the competition, the passion, and the interpersonal drama that one can only find in the best (and very worst) of reality TV.  Ironically, I am a vegetarian, yet I can root for the heartiest pork and fish dishes.  They even look tasty to me a full 15 years after my last bite of flesh!

At City Beach, we have developed a multitude of super-cool team building activities.  My absolute favorite, of course, is called “Extreme Chef.” The experience is equal parts teamwork, creativity, and culinary gymnastics.  The video on our site tells a good part of the story, but you really have to see it to believe it.  Suffice to say, no one leaves hungry or disappointed!  The Extreme Chef program is limited to our Fremont location, and while you don’t have to be a good cook to participate, it helps to watch a little Top Chef before you come in as preparation.  Just don’t touch that hot stove (insert legal disclaimer here!)


Kicking Off the Season

September 13, 2010

This Sunday was my favorite holiday of the year…NFL Football Season kicks off!

Okay, so to be precise, it started with the Saints vs. Vikings on Thursday night.  But the true kickoff is always on Sunday morning, and we are hosting the NFL Sunday Ticket here at City Beach all year long, so you know where you will find me for the rest of the year.

You may wonder what this has to do with social and corporate events…nice segue…glad you asked.  On July 31, we were the proud hosts of a certain local NFL team who shall remain nameless.  Okay, I’ll name them…it was the San Francisco 49ers!  They brought their entire team, coaching staff, and the coach’s son to City Beach on the first day of training camp.  Yes, they chose City Beach as the place for the entire team to bond…ON THE FIRST DAY OF THEIR FOOTBALL YEAR!  Needless to say, we were honored to have them. 

For fans of the team, you will happy to know that this group of guys is easy to root for.  The 49ers players, coaches, and front office are the most gracious and humble people you could ever hope to work with.  The steady leadership of Coach Singletary is evident throughout the organization.  He demands high character in addition to superior football skills, and his background and demeanor are nothing short of legendary.  Your humble correspondent was fortunate enough to spend a few minutes alone with the Coach, his son, and our Director of Operations, Gregg Dean.  The thing that we were most impressed with was his low-key energy.  He exudes calm confidence, which I am sure makes his “other side” that much more effective when he turns it on and becomes a master motivator.  That debacle in the opener against Seattle notwithstanding, I think the 49ers are heading towards a playoff birth and great things beyond just a first-round win.

That’s it for now!  We are preparing to host 1500 employees from a Bay Area behemoth tomorrow, so I am off to fold napkins and dust the eaves…