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Check out our new website!

August 19, 2010

Okay…so this is a little different.  After a chronological year and a metaphoric lifetime, I am proud to be a part of City Beach’s new web site launch…Ta-Da!

I have designed corporate web sites before.  The meticulous preparation, the poring over of design and copy details, the delegating of things that are out of one’s realm of expertise, and the exhausting amount of options are all a part of the process (For a web geek, building a site can be a bit like leaving a 4-year old alone in a candy store…my bon-bons are left hand navigation buttons!)  

But rebuilding City Beach’s site was a challenge of a different ilk.  There simply isn’t another business model like ours, so the old site was truly the only reference guide.  Sure, we all have our favorite corporate branding designs, layouts, interactive features (all of which I am proud to say are included in our new shiny model.)  But when we started laundry-listing what we actually do, the sheer scope of it was almost overwhelming.

With the brain-trust firmly resolved, we worked diligently to build a site that was informative, interactive, and with the mojo that lives within our walls.  We received invaluable contributions and constructive criticism from many “chefs in the kitchen,” most of whom know us and know what the City Beach experience is all about. Suffice to say, we are better for having those objective eyes and ears involved.  

This is a dynamic web site.  Content will change, links will be updated, “i’s” will be dotted, etc.  But we are all very proud of our new look and the product that we are representing.  Please check out the team building videos or take a virtual tour of the Fremont facility.  Ask us questions, feel free to comment, or just drop us a line on our Facebook or Twitter links.  Also make sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay in tune with our fabulous restaurant, rock climbing, and event offerings.  

Thanks for a great (almost) 10 years in Fremont and longer in Santa Clara, and while our web site may change, our commitment to quality and customer service will remain!

Here it is