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Happy Birthday to Us!

February 16, 2011

Time flies, doesn’t it?  I used to teach a concept to my JM Hanks high school students that I called “The Spiral of Time.”  Basically, that means that the older one gets, the quicker time seems to pass.  When you are 5 years old, the summer seems to last forever (thanks, Bryan Adams!)  When you talk to your 80 year old grandma, a year flies by like a week.  Why is that?  Think about it as a relative equation…a year is literally ¼ of my son’s life; it’s 1/38 of mine, 1/68 of my father, etc.  Make sense?

Where were you 10 years ago this December?  I was preparing for my daughter’s 5th birthday in Texas, and I was in the second year of running my music promotion business.  City Beach was planning its grand opening at our Fremont location at 4020 Technology Place.  Would it work?  How would people find us?  What would they make of our crazy, hybrid business model?

As we now know, City Beach has been a rousing success.  We have played a part in the lives of so many residents of Fremont and the surrounding areas that it seems that there are very few locals that haven’t been here in some capacity (Family Fun Night, Restaurant, Rock Gym, Kid’s Birthday Party, a Corporate event, etc.)  Through tough times (9/11 and NUMMI’s closing) and good times (the robust mid-2000’s economy and the Silicon Valley tech explosion), City Beach has been a mainstay in the fabric of Fremont’s social network.  We love our regulars, we honor our local residents, and we are proud members of the 4th largest (and most-friendly!) city in the Bay Area.

Throughout 2011, City Beach will be offering special fun stuff for our old and new friends.  If you haven’t been here in awhile, come back and try our new menu and experience our commitment to quality food and service.  If you have always heard about what a cool place City Beach is, then come in and see for yourself!  Play some Bocce Ball on our outdoor patio, bring your kid to a birthday party or come climb the walls (literally) with Marcus and his team of climbers.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page and sign up for our newsletter to keep up with us.

Thanks to Fremont and the Tri-City area for 10 great years, and here’s to another 10!


Quinceaneras at City Beach

January 22, 2011

Bienvenidos a City Beach!

I grew up in Seattle, Washington in the ‘80s.  That far north on the map, there wasn’t exactly an influx of Latino culture in my neck of the woods.  I had a couple friends that were of Hispanic descent (Alvaro Cornejo, where are you now?  Facebook, I would guess!), but my knowledge of the culture and traditions was limited to somewhat watery Mexican cuisine from the local yokel eatery, El Torito.

After graduating from high school, I decided to pursue my higher education outside of the great State of Washington.  I hadn’t seen the sun in about 12 years, so while curriculum was a very important factor in my decision to head to the University of Arizona, of equal importance was the promise of at least 9 months of warmth per year!

I spent a couple years in Tucson and then followed a lovely Mexican-American girl to El Paso, Texas where I eventually got married and settled down, finished college, had babies, and started a business.  Now El Paso is NOT the garden spot of the Desert Southwest by any means, but it does have rich history of Mexican culture and heritage.  The city borders Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, which has been in the news a lot lately for all of the wrong reasons.  In any event, the population of the city is about 80% Hispanic, and the Mexican culture pervades every aspect of life in El Paso–including the special event industry.

As I got into the special event and entertainment business, Quinceanera planning and knowledge (of which I had none) was a prerequisite.  I was fortunate enough to attend some of them, and as I learned about the tradition and the special meaning of Quinces, I began to understand how much fun these “Sweet 15’s” could be.  Mariachis, Food, Tecate, repeat as necessary…I would party long into the night with my wife’s family.  On the border, these events take on special significance, as most families are from Mexico. An El Paso Quince es muy autentico.

Fast forward 10 years to Fremont, California.  As the Director of Sales and Marketing at City Beach, my job is to open up new markets to our business.  Fortunately, we have two incredible Quince locations (Fremont and Santa Clara), and we are now forging headlong into the business of planning these wonderful special events.  From the menu to the décor, service, pricing, and amenities, City Beach is an unbeatable value for your Quinceanera.  We have an elegant and fun atmosphere with many built-in attractions, and our kitchen staff (mostly family, FYI) prepare the most delicious Mexican and American cuisine in the Bay Area.

Are you planning a Sweet 15 party? We’re exhibiting on January 30 at the annual Quinceaneras Magazine Expo from Noon – 5pm at 344 Tully Road in San Jose.  Come find us in the corner booth, get a taste of our great food and chat with us about planning your daughter’s dream Quince.  City Beach is extremely price-competitive and accommodating, and our staff is passionate about planning perfect events.  Your experience with us will be second-to-none, and every client is treated with the utmost respect and commitment to impeccable service.  Se Habla Espanol…see you on the 30th!

2011 for City Beach

December 21, 2010

Greetings, loyal readers (all 27 of you last month!)

It has been a wonderful year in Group Services.  I don’t mind telling you, 2009 was rough.  Like everyone else in the event business, City Beach had a ton of challenges and we were all glad to see the calendar flip to 2010 at the end of ’09!

I came aboard in February of 2010 and was immediately indoctrinated into the City Beach culture.  Under the guidance of some great people, I found my comfort zone  and got into the spirit of “how we do things.”  While it was a bit different than “how I used to do things” in this business, it didn’t take long to grasp the basic concepts I was already familiar with: Integrity, Customer Care, Attention to Detail, and the Aloha Spirit (more on that in the coming weeks).

As the Holiday Season approached, we could clearly see that things were better than the previous year.  Companies seemed to be more willing to spend money on their most valuable assets (EMPLOYEES!) and allowed us to find some creative approaches towards the entertainment side of Holiday Parties.  Our staff spent an exhaustive amount of time conceptualizing the décor for our unique event spaces, and the results were (are) spectacular.  Our new chef, Mr. Mark Laverty, and his staff of trusty cooks made magic in the kitchen and brought the vision of great food, entertainment, and ambience together in style.  Old friends came back, new friends decided to give City Beach a whirl, and I must say most everyone has been thrilled with the results.

As the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, we will be embarking on a slough of new and improved offerings at City Beach.  New team building programs, social offerings, high tech lighting, and a completely new restaurant and catering menu are just some of the fun things you can expect from City Beach next year.  We have an incredible, unique asset in our Indoor Ropes Course that is going to be a part of some new things that we are making more affordable for our corporate and social guests.  There are improvements throughout the building that will enhance the experience of all those that use them.  Through all of these changes, though, one thing will always remain constant:  We love our clients, and we will always strive to make their day better for having spent a few hours in our care.

Thanks to all of you for making City Beach a leader in the Bay Area’s event industry, and we can’t wait to see you again.

Ryan Rosoff
Director of Sales and Marketing
City Beach