The Holidaze Are Here!

The Holidaze are upon us!

Remember when you were at the supermarket last September, and in the midst of buying beer, hot dogs, and ice, the faint sounds of “Jingle Bells” brought you to a grinding halt?  Remember when you thought, “Really?  Christmas in September?” 

In the event business, we’re used to it!  In years past, you were behind the curve if your holiday party offerings, marketing materials, phone calls, and emails weren’t queued up and ready to roll by the end of July.  In the “New Economy,” though, many companies holiday party planning and the budgets associated with them have changed dramatically.  Indeed, every year tough decisions are made across the board, and many wonder if the Holiday Party is a solid strategic move.

In the book Corporate Celebration by Terrence Deal and M.K. Key, the authors make a case that getting together with one’s colleagues for the sake of fun and merriment is basically essential for a thriving business.  The chapter “Frivolous or Fundamental,” the author describes a well-known company that has a culture where the year-end celebration is a key component to the company’s success: 

“(The company) realizes that taking time to celebrate is an integral part of doing business.  The cost of the gathering is offset by the subsequent dividends it reaps in employee morale, commitment, and hard work.  Seasonal celebration summons the corporate spirit, creating energy that carries over into the new year.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!  Thus, the new menu and enhancement offerings for Holiday Celebrations at City Beach are fun, lively, interactive, delicious, and cost-effective.  Our mad scientist and Group Programming Director, Gregg Dean, has developed 3 distinct program enhancements that will liven up any group.  Our newest addition to the team, the talented and larger-than-life Chef Keith Breedlove, has put together the tastiest and most price-conscious menu City Beach has ever had.  Combine these things with our different event spaces which are themed with holiday cheer (and surfboards, if you wish), the 2010 holiday season is shaping up to be a huge success.

We want you and your friends to share in the Holiday spirit – with each other and our staff!  Never mind the possible long-term benefits for your organization…just come in and Eat, Drink, and Be Merry…then repeat as necessary.


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