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We Understand Event Planning

March 29, 2010

City Beach understands event planning. We realize it has to be the best for you and your guests. Our social events are designed with your objectives in mind. We recognize that behind every social gathering, from weddings to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs to Birthdays and Anniversary Parties, there is a unique and special gathering of people. Whether they are old friends or have never met, City Beach provides a dynamic, comfortable, and fun place to gather for all types of social events.

City Beach’s experienced and well-trained staff will coordinate all aspects of your event to ensure satisfaction without the stress. Our extensive catering menu provides a variety of selections to fit every taste and budget, and once your selections are made, we do the rest. We manage the setup, catering, serving, bartending, and cleanup so you and your guests can enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere at City Beach.

Come on down…it will make you feel great!


Bringing the “Family” Together

March 15, 2010

I spend as much time with my colleagues at work as I do with my wife and kids.  Quite simply, my co-workers are my extended family.  At City Beach, we believe that in order to build a happy, productive, and collaborative team, it is critically important that people have a chance to connect with each other outside the confines of the office. 

In my 20 years working experience in many different office environments, I have observed that when one is personally connected to a co-worker’s “outside family,” it humanizes them and ultimately bonds you closer together.  In essence, we all spend enough time together at work that inevitably home life is a frequent topic of conversation.  When I kibbutz with my “extended family” about their personal lives, it helps me empathize and to have met their spouses, children, and parents. 

City Beach brings everyone together in the name of food and fun at our corporate Company Picnics.  For almost 10 years in our Fremont location, we have provided companies big and small an opportunity to gather together and re-connect.  Whether on a billiards table, rock wall, Robosurfer, or over a cold beer, we are passionate about opening our home to our corporate friends.  In a way, they are a part of our extended family, too.  Let us know what we can do for you, and we’ll greet you with a warm smile, an open heart, and a day full of fun!

What’s New on the Horizon

March 8, 2010

What time is it?  Blogging time!

We had a modified Open House last night…”modified” in that it was supposed to be a low-key opportunity to meet with some clients past and present.  Chef Abe and his little helper Kirby (a sock puppet name) busted out some awesome apps.  Hoyt Ryan rocked the Robosurfer, and I served drinks and more drinks…and then some drinks.  The mini Beef Wellington goodies were the hit of the night.  We also connected with some cool cats from diverse businesses such as Broadcom, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Walters & Wolf.  There is something about talking business with a glass of Chardonnay in one hand and Crustini in the other that is just so California.

As I was walking folks through the facility, I realized again how much we have to offer, and how much I love my job.  We have some new program offerings for team building that are as cool as can be, and we now have flyers to match the quality of the programs!  In describing these experiences to people last night (in front of our 25×25 foot game show board), it was easy to get jazzed about what we have to offer.  Our guests seemed to feel my enthusiasm, and we had some great dialogue.  The Extreme Chef program seemed to be a particularly hot topic of conversation.

 We are filming the first video for our team offerings tomorrow with 60 sorority girls.  It is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.  It will appear on our new web site in t-minus 30 days, or a quickly as I can finish the copy for the 98 new pages of content.  No problem, should be done in a week or two, if I don’t eat, sleep, or breathe.

Group Services OUT!

Corporate America Steadily Waking Back Up

March 1, 2010

Corporate America seems to be waking up, and we’re so glad to see it.  The volume of inquiries is clearly increasing from our old friends across the Bay, and we are only too happy to help them kick back, “hang loose,” and have some food and fun.  We have built so many deep and lasting relationships over the years that have made City Beach what it is today.  When they hurt, we hurt with them…  But things are turning around, and we are thrilled to still be here for them…new and improved, but with the same spirit and optimism as always.

In addition, we are starting to hear from some new folks as well.   Last night, I had an old friend from a vendor we work with and a new friend from a major sports organization in the Bay come in to the Fremont location for the first time.  All the New Gal could say is “Wow, I can’t believe I have never been here before.”  We spent some time walking around, talking about what we can do to make her organization happy, and then we broke off into the restaurant for some hot food and cold Stella.  Tough job, I know, but someone has to do it…and I am only too happy to oblige!

While some want team-building activities customized to the dynamics of their group, many just want to come in and celebrate the “revival.”  All of our offerings are about bringing people together.  We see that video games and laser tag can be fun…no doubt we have all geeked out on Pacman or Halo a time or two.   But that is not City Beach’s forte…we want people to play together, not side by side and in their own world.  Simple games like billiards and ping pong open discussion, and complex offering like our new Extreme Chef or Show of Shows bring that connection to the next level.  In point of fact, shared experiences last the longest, and City Beach feels that we can facilitate that with an expert touch.

 That’s all for now…keep those calls and emails coming, and Welcome Back!